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 [Accepted]Miktor Arcane Mage

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PostSubject: [Accepted]Miktor Arcane Mage   [Accepted]Miktor Arcane Mage I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 16, 2009 12:15 am

Name: Viktor Olsson
Age: 17år
Country: Sweden
What days of the week can you raid on?: When a raid is up
Can you raid from 19.00-23.30 (servertime)?:Yes
Can you raid more if needed?: Yes I will Smile

Realm: Stormscale
Charactername: Miktor
Class: Mage
Race: Blood Elf (male)
/played: 200 days 10 hours 10 minutes

Professions (mention rare crafts)
Profession 1:Enchanting (al recipies in-game)
Profession 2:Jewelerycrafting 23sp / 12sp 10 spirit / 12sp 10 crit

First Aid: 450
Cooking: Al recipies in-game
Fishing: 450

Specc & Glyphs: (http://talent.mmo-champion.com/)
Why that spec & glyphs?:
Cause imo arcane is the best dps output atm, adn the glyphs i choose because. Arcane Blast: 3% more dmg to my main spell? yes please.
Arcane Missiles: Always fun with high crits isnt it?
Molten armor: well i need some crit rating to get those fun crits ^^

Gear (Link to profile/armory) (www.chardev.org for offspecc gear)
Damage gear: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Stormscale&n=Miktor
Healing gear: First Aid for the win
Tanking gear: Gruul's lair counts?

Mention which raidinstances you've been in and how far in each of them you came (mention pre-WOTLK as well). (Mention them as: vanilla wow, TBC, WotLk)
vanilla = none at al, I didn't play back then

TBC = Started playing in late TBC, just before sunwell came out. But I managed to join a guild and clear al the way up to Black Temple. After Illidan Stormrage It was soon time for Wotlk so guild disbanned.
In Wotlk: I progressed Naxxramas 25 in a guild called "Memento" something like that, on my priest.
I played a holy priest in the beginning and later on I went shadow. When ulduar came I played my mage more instead and geared it up. I played on a server called Auchindoun where PvE wasn't very "pro". So hardmodes wasn't easy there. But I managed to down ulduar25 and a few hardmodes both in 10 and 25man version. Then ToC came, i first took a little brake from PvE and just went for achievment hunting. Then I migrated to Stormscale to pick up my PvE again, as I realized that's what I really like about this game. I downed Toc10 fast when i got into Chaos order. followed by 10man Hardmode. Then ToC25 went down. ToC25 heroic was harder. Never got passt the Faction Champions as they were a real pain in the ass ( excuse the language ).
But I now have 4/5 Toc10 heroic and 2/5 Toc25 heroic. I don't have experience in them al, but i sure have done my homework to make sure I know al the tactics for theese encounters remaining.

Mention if you have achieved any pve achievements in regarding to raiding (AKA. Undying, Twilight Vanquisher... whatever you might think will enhance your possibilities of joining Last Effort)
"Of the Nightfall" "Twilight Vanquisher" "Hand of A'dal" "Champion of the Naruu"

You played other games on high level? add them aswell.
Nah wow for the win (Y)

Previous guilds: Chaos Order, Tesla Coil
Guildname:Chaos Order
Why did you leave?:I went to Ezk's guild Tesla Coil
Guildname:Tesla Coil
Why did you leave?: Hopefully I'll get to join you guys for better progress in upcomming Ice Crown

About <Last Effort>
What do you know about us?: Some peeps from Tesla Coil told me you were a really good guild who had cleared to Anub on ToC25 HM and that's the kind of standard Im looking for. I want to play with good people who is just as serious as I am. Who can raid seriously and still have fun.

Is there anyone you know in Last Effort who can recommend you?: Ezk, Jwi/Razorbeam
Why do you want to join us?: As I mentioned above, I want to play with good peeps who want the same progress as I do, people hungry for realm firsts!
What can we expect to gain from you in our PvE-progress?:
I can bring good dps, intellect buffs and fish feasts if needed. I always have gold for repairs flasks and everything needed. I come to raids in time, and if, I'm for some reason late, I sure will have a good reason for that.


Computer specification: I have a good ACER laptop i bought 3 years ago. I recently put in a new graphics card and a new harddrive. I have 4GB ram.
Internet Connection: I can't say I have never disconnected.. But It's vey seldom, almost never to be completely honest.
Do you have problems with your connection/computer? No I really haven't experienced any issues so far.

Knowledge and theorycraft
Do you read theory about your class? Yes, I started out with the Ensidia bloggs/guides for guidelines and ended up searching more randomly at the internet (google ftw!) i then took al tips and theories I could find and tested it al, and summed up my own favorite way/specc/rotaion which worked best for me.
How do you keep yourself up to date? I always follow Ensidia website for possible updates. If they say something has changed on Mage class I go google again. but that's rarely the case.. or well never acctually. I always read patches very carefully. If i would see someone doing ridiculusly much better than me I would ofcourse ask him for tips and help. Then i might get some quick updates I missed while scanning the patch notes.
Which sites and forums do you visit Ensidia mostly, others are just completely random i find with google.

Do you have Ventrilo Mix?:Yes I do
Do you have a microphone?: Yes I do
Do you speak on ventrilo?: Yes I do, I tend to be quiet and speak when spoken to. In encounters I listen, and only speak/yell when there is something that's needed to be said.
Are you willing to discuss you application on ventrilo?: Yes that's a possibility ofcourse Smile
Willing to bring pots and flasks to every raid?: Haha yes ^^ I'll never lack gold to buy stuff that's for sure.
Will you wipe on progress bosses without whining?: Yes Ofcourse I will. Though i have traumatic memories of Iron Council.. But that's in the past now Wink

Link picture to UI: (http://imageshack.us/)
https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img396/4459/wowscrnshot101509231239.jpg "Direct Link"
http://yfrog.com/b0wowscrnshot101509231239j "Short Link"

Do you use any macros?:
Why and when (explain):
I use macros on encounters like faction champions and Lord Jarraxus.
On Faction Champions i always have a Macro to /target the target I have been ordered to sheep.
On Lord Jar. I have macros to fast target volcano and Nether Portal.

I only have on thing to say.
And that's only cause that smilies hair reminds me of Son Gohan, Thank you very much:)

Best regards Miktor The Insane
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[Accepted]Miktor Arcane Mage
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