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 [Accepted] Freakcake - Warlock (Cross-realm)

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Freakcake - Warlock (Cross-realm)   [Accepted] Freakcake - Warlock (Cross-realm) I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2009 9:30 pm


My name is Patrick and I live a bit outside of Stockholm on mälaröarna.
I am 19 years old, will turn 20 soon in Januari and are currently unemployment. I have a different hobbies and much freetime, most of the time I play WoW. I will begin to study the summer 2010 so I will be able to keep as much as 100% attendance. I have a lot of experience on the wow classes since I have all of them both as ally/horde at level 70 (some at 80). Been leveling them all on my own under TBC.
Country: Sweden

Information about my character:
Name: Freakcake
Realm: Darksorrow
Class: Warlock
Specc: Demonologody/Destruction (dual specc)
Warlock /played: 40 days
WoW overall: ca 500+

Professions: Engineering/Enchanting
No rare enchants on my Enchanting
Got Jeeves crafted from Engineering

Armory link:
UI Link:
(I do also play as standard wow UI, sometimes that feels just much better instead of all fancy look)
OBS: All the buttons are binded (bartender hides hotkey)

Earlier guilds:
I started this expansion on my Prot Paladin in a called your familiar with, Lazy Ducks here on Stormscale, I was an Officer and kept playing as Prot/Holy till Ulduar released, we did a clear and after that our Tanks went RL and the guild dropped off. Later the guild merged with a guild called Powerhouse to continue the progression (Solid) but when that happend me and my friend began to level new characters. I began to level my Warlock and he was doing his Mage. We created Lazy Ducks, played fairly causal and cleared thro Ulduar and ToC25 and then again, same history the Tanks quitted one after another and we didnt bother to rebuild the guild again. We migrated over to Darksorrow and played with Heist They were already pretty filled on Mage and Warlock but we also migrated with a Priest friend, we made a deal and promised that we all would keep a high attendance, but it didnt go as planned. The Mage and I kept our 100% attendance but the Priest only showed up once during the month, so. Since we had a deal and stood in good for our friend we all three went out. We got a mail there it stood "Thank your Priest buddy for this, you did a good job but a deal is a deal, good luck with finding a new guild" So, now since the priest quitted. The Mage and I alone is looking further after a new guild togheter, we will keep our 100% attendance like before.

PvE Experience:
Under vanilla I played a lot causal of me, I began to try a couple of classes, most of it was in MC/BWL/AQ20 more or less, nothing really special.
TBC: I rerolled to a Draenei Shaman, and began to play with a guild called on Stormreaver, we cleared Illidan and after that a couple of people took a break to SWP, so I began to level up a bunch of all classes on Stormscale and little all over.
Wotlk: Been doing every content in 10-man version HC
Began with my character kinda late so when I scratch up gear to raid, toc released and I did 4/5 hc kill on 25man
Been doing lot of tries on Anub 25man so know the fight, also stood over to maximize setup for kill. It went down and Mad skill was given to my Mage pal. Heist also got realm first grand crusader.

My class:
Play as demonologody and destruction, Warlock is the most funny class I have played during my time on WoW. I'vnt been demonologody for very long but been playing more often under ToC since its getting more important to have one in raid, demonologody is really fun to play and beside that I go as destruction since its have a nice personal dps

Theorycrafting the most on elitjerks forum and try on my own on dummies, at the moment I try to get as much updated regarding Demonologody for patch 3.3

Demonologody: 0/53/18
Glyphs: Metamorphois, Felguard, Life Tap
Using Life Tap glyph instead of Shadowbolt(option choice) to boost the raid with as much SP as possible.

Destruction: 0/17/54
Glyphs: Incinerate, Conflagrate, Life Tap

Why Last Effort:
Personal I want to play on Stormscale, always been mine and my friends standard server (it all started here), got friends both on Alliance and Horde side, both me and the Mage(Snertill) have a good experience and are only looking after guilds that fit our potential, I spoke to Treckie about the recruting, got told that you already had 2 Warlocks but wouldnt be much of a problem with a 3rd. Also that it was a big need to get Mages in. So we decided to write an apply right away and get a answer asap.

Why me:
As I said, I got good experience, much freetime and have always been spending my time the most on WoW, I am addicted to this game(sadly), also looking forward to play on Stormscale again and raid ICC. Would like to learn to know you guys so it feels better with the raiding core. I take criticism and use it to make myself a better player.

Favorite encounter under WotLK is Hodir and General Vezax just because the awesome damage during those two fights. Love it!

Besides I hope my apply was alright, I use Ventrilo everyday.
I do also play 2v2 (mage/warlock) and 3v3 (mage/warlock/shaman)
I do also have other characters on Stormscale with professions such as, Inscription, JC, Alchemist etc. So reagents for raids is always with me.

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[Accepted] Freakcake - Warlock (Cross-realm) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Freakcake - Warlock (Cross-realm)   [Accepted] Freakcake - Warlock (Cross-realm) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 09, 2009 11:21 pm

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[Accepted] Freakcake - Warlock (Cross-realm)
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