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 [Declined] Resto druid application

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PostSubject: [Declined] Resto druid application   Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:25 pm

About You
Name: Matt
Age: 18
Country: England
Can you raid from 19.00-23.30 (servertime)?: Yes
Can you raid more if needed?: Yes

Realm: Stormscale
Charactername: Windhorn
Class: Druid
Race: Tauren
/played: 69 days 2 hours (140+ days on TBC main, around 300-350 in total on all characters)

Professions (mention rare crafts)
Profession 1: Inscription (Got most of the glyph books)
Profession 2: Skinning
First Aid: 439, never need to use it though.

Specc & Glyphs: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Stormscale&n=Windhorn&group=2

Why that spec & glyphs?: All suit the way I play my class.

Gear: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Stormscale&n=Windhorn

Vanilla - Up to twin emps. in AQ40
TBC - Up to M'uru in SWP
WotLK - Naxx10(Undying)/25, Malygos 10(6min)/25, Sarth10(3d)/25(3d), Ony10(5min), Uld10(-Yogg)/25(-General/Yogg), ToC 10/25. Also have the first tier of Glory of the Raider(10man, Naxx/OS/Maly edition)

Previous Guilds?: The Ascended on Steamwheedle Cartel with my old main, left to reroll to my druid after years of playing hunter, had no room for a resto druid in the guild. Damnation on SWC, left due to problems with the guildmaster and a few members, I think around 4-5 of us left the same day.

About <Last Effort>
Is there anyone you know in Last Effort who can recommend you?: No
Why do you want to join us?: I haven't been on the realm too long, about 4 weeks now, and still be searching for a hardcore guild to get back into raiding. I've been out of hardcore raiding since before summer due to college exams etc.
What can we expect to gain from you in our PvE-progress?: A very dedicated, skilled and active healer, as well as a friendly person.

Computer specification: 2.80GHz dualcore processor, 4gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT gfx card
Internet Connection: Not sure on specs but never get problems on my end, only lag I get is the occasional mass server lag on this realm.
Do you have problems with your connection/computer? No

Knowledge and theorycraft
Do you read theory about your class? Yes
How do you keep yourself up to date? Every couple weeks I go through various websites, and always reading MMOChampion for incoming changes (Set as my homepage, pretty much see a new update everytime it's up)

Do you speak on ventrilo?: Haven't got a headset.
Are you willing to discuss you application on ventrilo?: I can listen and type replys, but haven't got a headset to talk.
Willing to bring pots and flasks to every raid?: Yes ofc.
Will you wipe on progress bosses without whining?: All the fun of raiding is the progress wipes Smile Going into a new raid and one shotting a boss isn't as rewarding as downing a boss you've spent hours, days, or weeks working on.

Link picture to UI: http://i36.tinypic.com/2uy4vhe.jpg

Do you use any macros?: Only a couple, never need them.
Why and when (explain): The only resto macro I have is NS+HT, but it's only used in emergancys. Have a couple tanking macros but I don't tank anymore.

Anything you want to add?: Nothing I can think of, thanks for reading. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Resto druid application   Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:26 pm

We have decided to go with the other resto druid.
And to keep us from having 40trials to deal with at once, we take some in at a time.
Should we find we need more, we know where to look.
GL in your guildsearch.
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[Declined] Resto druid application
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