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 [Accepted] Altier - Warlock

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Altier - Warlock   [Accepted] Altier - Warlock I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 11:33 pm

Hey what's up guys!

Sorry for the "wall of text" application, below you can see what i have included in my application.

- Intro
- Character info
- Warcraft History of my characters including previous guilds
- Raiding experience
- My currently User Interface
- My role and experience
- What I can offer you, what to expect of me
- Why Last Effort
- Conclusion


Hey guys I'm a 20 year old hardware/cisco engineer. I've been a WoW player from 2005. My previous guild Chaos Divine stopped raiding, I got fed up with that and stopped playing all together! Now I'm back again and because of my lack in gear I would like to win you over with my WoW experience/knowledge and my devotion to writing this application!

Character Info:

Realm: Stormscale
Character name: Altier
Class: Warlock
Level: 80
Race: Bloodelf
Spec: 3/14/54, Deep Destro
Armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Stormscale&n=Altier
Trades: Enchanting (460) and Tailoring (455)
Raid times: I am available during weekdays from 18:30 and in weekends pretty much all day.

Warcraft History and previous guilds:

(this is a quick summary of my guilds if you want to read the wall of text go ahead)


- Gnomes stole my bike (Feb - Sept or so 2005)- Al'akir as Thraman (Warlock). Role: Founding member, Warlock Officer - Joined when they formed (on the Euro release day), leveled to 60 and cleared MC and Razorgore with them. Transferred to Balnazzar when the first migration came up and ended up PvPing a lot for a little while after being a GM on private server;
- Crewl (Sept - Nov 2005) - Genjuros as Thraman (Warlock). Role: PvPer - Continuation of gnomes stole my bike on Balnazzar as a PvP guild, joined as soon as it formed and stayed in playing casually while drinking a lot at the beginning of 3rd year of Uni.
- Confused (Dec - June 2006) - Balnazzar as Thraman(Warlock). Role: Warlock class leader, joint Raid Leader, later Joint Guild Leader (temporarily) - Went through BWL and some of AQ before a conflict with guild leadership caused me to leave. I can explain this more if required;
- Harlequins (June - Dec 2006) - Balnazzar as Thraman (Warlock). Role: Warlock Officer a couple of months after joining - Cleared AQ, killed Loatheb/Thaddius/Instructor/Maexxna with them. Stayed with them until TBC release when we disbanded and formed ME; and
- ME (Jan - Nov 2007) - Balnazzar as Altier (Warlock). Role: Warlock Officer, General Officer, Member of Loot Council - Cleared all current TBC content (SSC/TK/Hyjal/BT). Left after about 4 months farming BT/Hyjal clears due to friends quitting / partial boredom with farming and no new significant raiding content in sight.
- Nightmare (Nov -Sep 2008) - Al'Akir as Altier. Role: Member, Warlock Class Leader, Cleared Naxx 10/25, OS+2 10/25, Maly 10/25.
-Ave (Sep - Apr 2009) - Magtheridon as Altier. Role: Member, General Member, Cleared Naxx 10/25, OS+3drakes 10/25, Maly 10/25, Test realm Ulduar 10/25 (not complete)


11 february 2005, I remember the day all too well. I stormed to the store, got my copy of WoW and installed the game with great anticipation and joy. I started off as a human mage, running around in elwynn forrest being affraid to go to the other side of the water where "Duskwood" was. When I hit lvl 20 though I thought "meh I need to go for my quests" so I went there but only during the day because at night it would creep me out. I remember back then being in a dutch guild with guys as noobish as me. We were fooling around, back then it was fun to just run around and finding blue gear was actually making people happy back then. So I kept messing about until hitting 50. Then the fun started.

I remember being in my "A-team" back then we called it that. It was a tight group of me and 4 other friends. We walked inside burning steppes moving towards BWL I remember being terrified of the onyxes walking around, I was so terrified I walked with my view focussed on them, thats when I usually got pwned by scorpions. After some work we finally managed to finish blackrock depths. After hitting 60 my guild was making some progress, we started doing upper blackrock spire and after a lot of work we managed to do Zul'Gurub, AQ, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and off course Onyxia. After that I got competly focused on school and simply forgot WoW for a half year or so.

When I came back to WoW I was completely bored with my mage so I rerolled a druid. After hitting lvl 30 I was bored with that too. My friends back then left "original" and went to check a private server where they met some nice people. After joining them back in 2006 I managed to become an officer in the dominant alliance guild there. What I did not know back then is that the guildmaster was a GM on the server. Back then players weren't really familiar with the Warcraft concept and joined a private server just to check if it was fun. The server wasn't really big at the time (say 300 players) so most of us knew each other well like a big family. Most of em were noobs so my knowledge was making my name known on the realm. My guildleader was picking all this up of course and offered me a gm spot

Being a gm was hard. We had to recruit new people by urging members to daily vote on private realm search sites. We had to confront people that cheated and botted and ban them. I lost a lot of friends that way who lied about hacking. We used to use a command that made us invisible and spy on them for an hour or so. Usually we spotted them hacking then and throw them in the "doombox" as we called it. It was this little box you couldn't move out of even if you died. We always gave people a second chance, most of them turned out fine but some continued anyway and got banned in the process.

Because it was buggy as hell:
[Accepted] Altier - Warlock Pbucket

We had to keep our players entertained we did this by making events. A famous event of mine was the Stairway to Heaven. Youtube this and you will undoubtfully find a couple of my fan created movie clips.

The goal was that the first getting at the end of the event would win a prize a blue item or 10 gold or so.

[Accepted] Altier - Warlock Pbucket

Ofcourse this wasnt as easy as it looked...
[Accepted] Altier - Warlock Pbucket

Being a GM gave me a lot of freedom to do whatever I wanted. Being bored a lot made me roll every class and every spec to see which was most cool to play. Being creative with my commands I even managed to transform Night elfs into human/elf hybrids:
[Accepted] Altier - Warlock Pbucket

When TBC released I tended to favor being a player more then a gm so I disgarded my gm function and continued on Balnazzar when my guild reformed to <ME> we started off being 70 in full greens mass inviting friends of mine that were full epic that helped me start gearing up in Kara. After being decent geared we started our massive wipefest in Zul'Aman by banging the gong for seriously 20 minutes before it opened. Then the wipefest began because people got lost and ran into the bushes that led to a pull which led to a wipe. We had so much fun, we were acting like we weren't hardcore but in the back of our head we saw we were doing some serious progress. After getting SCC and Zul'Aman on farm we started to have a serious mentality, as guildleader I ordered a strict discipline that I regret to have had today. It worked though we were hitting magdy, MH, BT and even sunwell. but later due partial boredom with farming and no new significant raiding content in sight we disbanded.

After a period of messing about I joined Nightmare. After lich king came out and having naxx/os and maly on farm with my lock. After a long while I joined Ave did some test realm runs in Ulduar but left due to a career change, couple of months back I transfered here joined Chaos Divine, did some ulduar and Toc raids, not cleared all bosses on both yet + I have shitty gear that needs to fixed with some ulduar/ToC raids.

My Role and experience:

Content Experience:

All Pre-TBC content as warlock, all Post-TBC content as warlock. TBC-Beta was on warlock as well (shit I love this class). Also experienced BWL and some of AQ as warlock

All Pre-TBC content as warlock, all Post-TBC content as warlock. TBC-Beta was on warlock as well. Also experienced BWL and some of AQ as warlock

Pre-TBC: All 4 green dragons, Azuregos, MC / BWL / AQ (although not Visc/Ouro) / Naxx to Instructor/Plague/Abom/Spiders. Tried Gothik once with only 35ish people and failed do to fuckfaces I want to rape till this date
TBC-Beta: Karazhan to Malchezzar multiple times, playing with a mixed group from Nihilum, Celebrity, Affenjungs Inc and other random people.
Post-TBC: All instances on heroic multiple times including being the major dps for running TK Attunements (original Heroic SH) and being part of the original group for Celebrity to get the Nightbane quest completed. Full Karazhan. Naxx to Sapphiron / AQ full clear, 2 man Azuregos (paladin/feral druid, we were bored), Doomwalker, Doom-Lord Kazzak, Original Gruul, Original Mag, Pre-2.1-SSC to Vashj, Pre-2.1-TK to Kael, Post2.1 Vash and Kael, Hyjal, Black Temple.
Missing: Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad (although I was playing Twofold's character (priest) for Curse's first couple of Sapphiron attempts, including hearing Fura moan at someone because they started the Saph start animation before he could fraps it), Zul'aman and Sunwell (both released after I quit playing).
Lich king: All instances on heroics + Naxx 10/25, OS+3drakes 10/25, Maly 10/25, Ulduar 10/25 only keepers missing, ToC nm/hc 10/25 only anub missing.


I have a good general understanding of how all classes worked due to my experience as GM pre-tbc. The knowledge of specs and rotations are outdated though but I'm always willing to learn more about classes and am doing so every day.

The class I do know well at this moment is the Warlock:

I am a member of Elitistjerks.com and I'm always busy with theorycrafting and simcrafting. My current spec is a small deviation of the standard spec, I've invested in soul link because it's better for progression. I'm currently trying to get my haste up, my hit is good if completely buffed (13%) and gemmed for sp. My gear is outdated, nothing what a couple of runs shouldn't fix.

My roll during raids will be to; help summon players, SS assigned healers to maximize our survival odds, drop a occasional Soulwell for a HS (Ideal during Loatheb), listen to the raidleaders, and dps the shit out of everything.

Now I'm deep destro 3/14/54 as it is the highest dps spec in 3.2, I keep benchmarking my spec and continue theorycrafting to keep my dps up to date.

Possible rolles:

As stated I have knowledge of all current content and previous content, I've especially invested in knowing all the tactics for ulduar and ToC as my gear is lacking. If the officers wish I can also assist in leading raids. 10 mans and 25mans. I use teamspeak and ventrillo if needed. I speak and type fluent english but I'm a bit dyslectic so don't punish me if I make typo's.


My roll as raidleader is to: form a raid party with player that have acquired the minimum standard that is needed for the respected raid, assign a respected lootmaster that will put unwanted items and gear on the bank (DE or BoE's), Assign a respected MT and OT's, Assign healers on the MT and OT's, Assign healers on the raid, Discuss tactics before engagement of bosses and penalty frequent mistakes by informing the higher ups.

What I can offer you, what to expect of me:

I'm a cisco engineer so if there are internet issues or hardware issues you can come to me for advice, I also have a vast knowledge of Warcraft I've played all the games so if you're interested in the history of Warcraft and WoW I can teach you everything you need to know. You can expect me a person you can build on I usually don't talk much and keep to my business but when needed I'm there to help, I'm not a person that whines or uses lame excuses, I'm always on time during raids (15min early), I'm a person that is always there to give a hand when needed, a person that has a vast knowledge of WoW content and above all a person that is focused to help the guild grow as a whole. I

Why Last Effort:

I've tried joining numerous guilds, they all rejected me for my gear, I hope you guys can see through my lack of gear and give me a shot to gear up and be of assistance in the guild.


I know my gear sucks but I hope I've proved and shown that I'm serious in joining your ranks and am dedicated enough.
I wish to be among the ranks of Last Effort
If you need more info please contact me with a PM/ingame mail.

Thank you for reading my application, and hopefully until soon!


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[Accepted] Altier - Warlock
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