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PostSubject: [Declined]Prot Warrior   [Declined]Prot Warrior I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 28, 2009 8:33 pm

Name: Igor Botic
Age: 18
Country: The Netherlands
Can you raid from 19.00-23.30 (servertime)?: No problem
Can you raid more if needed?: I can raid everyday if needed

Realm: Stormscale
Charactername: Kírby
Class: Warrior
Race: Undead
/played: 88 days, 1 hour and 55 min

Professions (mention rare crafts)
Profession 1: Blacksmith 450
Profession 2: Jewelcrafting 450
First Aid: 450

Specc & Glyphs: I'm putting a link to armory its easier for both of my specs.
Why that spec & glyphs?:
The first specc if for agro and the second one is more for endurance and cooldowns, the glyphs of the first tree are more for dps and some aoeing and the second glyphs are for reducing the cooldowns on my ShieldWall and Last Stand.

Gear: (Link to armory) (www.chardev.org for offspecc gear)
My offspecc is other tank specc.

Mention which raidinstances you've been in and how far in each of them you came. (vanilla, TBC, WotLk)
Vanilla i raided with my paladin till BWL
TBC everything up till Sunwell
Wotlk up till ToC, right before ToC came out i quit wow and just started playing again.

Mention if you have achieved any pve achievements in regarding to raiding (AKA. Undying, Twilight Vanquisher... whatever you might think will enhance your possibilities of joining Last Effort)
Hand of Adal, Undying, Nightfall.

You played other games on high level? add them aswell.
Previous Guilds?:
Havoc on Deathwing, i was a Draenei Warrior. Just migrated here, im currently in a guild of some friends of mine.

About <Last Effort>
Is there anyone you know in Last Effort who can recommend you?: Not that i know of!
Why do you want to join us?: Hope to raid icecrown citadel with a good raiding guild and i hope that you guys are that guild.
What can we expect to gain from you in our PvE-progress?: Fun mostly


Computer specification:
Internet Connection:
Do you have problems with your connection/computer?

Knowledge and theorycraft
Do you read theory about your class?
How do you keep yourself up to date?

Do you speak on ventrilo?:
Are you willing to discuss you application on ventrilo?:
Willing to bring pots and flasks to every raid?:
Will you wipe on progress bosses without whining?:

Link picture to UI: (http://imageshack.us/)

Do you use any macros?:
Why and when (explain):

Anything you want to add?:
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Prot Warrior   [Declined]Prot Warrior I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 29, 2009 1:39 am

Did you have a heartattack halfway through? and didnt have time to finish it? ^^
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[Declined]Prot Warrior
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