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 [Accepted] Orc Restoration Shaman

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Orc Restoration Shaman   [Accepted] Orc Restoration Shaman I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 8:57 pm

About You
Name: Karan
Age: 19 going 20 in 30 days
Country: Norway
Can you raid from 19.00-23.30?: Yes without any problems
Can you raid more if needed?: Indeed i can

Race: Orc
/played: 436 days | 45 days on 80

Profession 1: JC 450
Profession 2: Potion Master 450
First Aid: 450
Cooking: 450
Fishing: 450

Specc & Glyphs: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?shaman#f9wxU1e7rEpz,M-FHRO,10676

Why that spec & glyphs?:

Tier 1 Restoration:
Improved Healing Wave 5/5 : Reduced casting speed on spells is ofc a must to have for a healer for obvious reasons. The faster you cast the more hps you get done.
Tier 2 Restoration :
Tidal Focus 5/5 : Reduce cost on healing spells is again a really important attribute for a healer. Lower the spells cost the longer duration you survive mana wise healing in a long duration fight.
Tier 3 Restoration :
Improved Water Sheild 3/3 : Gaining a certain amount of mana each time you critt on your heals is really helpfull on your mana regeneration on longer duration fights which helps your healing last longer.
Healing Focus 3/3: Reduce pushbacks on castable heals is one of the most important things healers should have on all sort of fights. Having your heal casts taking longer time to cast due to push backs is not effective and dangerous when it comes to tank or raid healing. Healing focus is a must!
Ancestral Healing 3/3: Buffing targets with 10% reduced damage input is something i would gladly give to people for the sake of survivabilty.
Tier 4 Restoration :
Restorative Totems 5/5 : Increased regenaration stats again helps your chance of survivability and mana regeneration is increased for longer healing periods.
Tidal Mastery 5/5 : Increasing the effect chance helps your healing output which i think is important the way my shaman is specced due to Improved Water sheild and for the sake of larger heal crits.
Tier 5 Restoration :
Healing way 3/3: Increases your healing amount on healing wave is something that is important for my type of play style. Helps me cast larger amount of heals when its necessary.
Nature Swiftness: A clasic spell for most classes. Everyone would agree this is a must to have. Helps your in emergency situations to be able to cast an instant heal on someone important near to death.

Tier 6 Restoration:
Purification 5/5 : Once again, it increases the healing effectiveness. Another important talent that increases my healing output helping me land larger heals.
Tier 7 Restoration :
Mana Tide 1/1 : Another emergency tool alike nature swiftness. Only this helps my regenration incase im running out of mana and i need a huge amount back really quick.
Cleans Spirit 1/1 : Allows me to remove 3 harmfull debuffs including curse which is important for alot of encounters.
Tier 8 Elemental :
Blessing of the Eternals 2/2: Increasing my critical chance which is once again important for the sake of my mana regeneration. And increases my passive ability to add a HOT buff on targets which is good to have.
Improved Chain Heal 2/2: A shamans faviroute spell. Chain heal! This talent increases my output of the healing done which i think is really nice to have. Increasing my HPS.
Nature's Blessing 3/3: Another ability that increases my healing %. Important to have to increase my healing output and hps.
Tier 9 Restoration:
Ancestral Awakening 3/3 : Passive ability smart healing people on low health each time i critt which is a good ability based on my talent build.
Earth Sheild 1/1: A major abilty for shamans. Providing people with a sheild healing them when taken upon dmg and reducing their pushback by 30%
Tier 10 Restoration:
Tidal Waves 5/5: A major attribute in the talent tree reducing casting speed and increasing healing done which is obviously a must have.
Tier 11 Restoration:
Riptide 1/1: An instant castable spell healing for a certain amount and leaving a hot on the target is helpfull to your healing. This ability also increases your critt chance and reduces your casting speed. Which is really a bonus to have.

Enhancement :

Tier 1 Enhancement :
Ancestral Knowledge 5/5 : Increased critt % + mana pool + mana regeneration.
Tier 2 Enhancement
Thundering Strikes 5/5 : Increasing my critt chance which allowes me to do more more healing and increases my mana regeneration.
Tier 3 Enhancement
Elemental Weapons 3/3 : Increasing my weapon buff stats which allowes me to do more healing.



Goes Berserk :

The time was near towards the expansion comming out and Naxx 40 was recently released. Some of the top guilds had merged to make a pug raid to clear naxx quick before the expansion. This is what we managed.
Naxx ; Arachnid Quarter + Military Quarter + Construct Quarter

Goes Berserk Dissbanded here and we merged with a guild called Undecided and we called our selves NiX where we progressed until :



NiX disbanded and i searched for a new guild where i found Nemesis ( we changed our name to Adult Swim a few weeks after i joined ) the guild was leaded by a former Class leader of Nihilium. Here we progressed until

Adult Swim:

Black Temple

I took a short brake from wow when it was a few months left for Wotlk to release. When i came back the guild had dissbanded and migrated. I was stuck on the server alone. After a while i found out some core players from Goes Berserk had moved to Talnivarr Alliance side. Note i have played on Stormscale as Orc Shaman for arround 4 years. Anyways i found out some of my old playing freinds moved to Talnivarr Alliance and i joined them with leveling a char to raid with them. This guild im talking about is called Better Than You. They wanted priest so i started to level it. They wanted me as a shadow priest so I tried my best to get to know the basics of the class. After a while of playing a shadow priest i figgured out that this was not working. So i asked for a spot as a shaman and i was given the green light to level one. With my time in Better Than You i have basicly almost done everything in WotLK :

Better Than you:

Naxx 10 + 25 cleared.

Ulduar 10 man cleared without any HMS.
Ulduar 25 done full without any HMS.

After a while i joined Domini where i was a officer.


We did Full Ulduar 10 man HM got the mount: Hurraaay!

Ulduar 25 with some on HMS :
Flame Leviathen ( cleared HM )
Ignis ( cleared speed kill )
Razorscale ( cleared with dwarf achivement )
XT-002 The Deconstructer ( cleared hm )
Iron Council ( cleared hm )
Kologarn ( cleared with disarm achv )
Auriaya ( cleared with adds up achv )
Freya non HM
Thorim ( cleared HM )
Hodir ( cleared HM )
Mimiron ( Wiped and wiped in all the phases )
General ( Got him down to 10% but we wiped due to tank died. After that we never tried it again due to lack of ppl wanted to show up )
Yogg-Saron ( non hard mode cleared )

ToTc 10 cleared.
ToTc 25 cleared.

The guild leader decided TOTC was not something the guild would manage since he was having a hard time handling things. So we went casual. And i decided to leave since domini was falling apart.
Joined back to Better than you. Raiding some Totgc 10 and Totc 25. After a while all the raiding guilds stopped playing and the alliance side of the server died. Atm the talinviarr alliance population is the current bank roof of the hordes on stormscale. This is when we decided to move back to Stormscale. I left my shaman and my priest here since i already have a shaman on stormscale. Here in Xism we have been pugging totc 25 and been doing Totgc 10 when we have the correct setup.

Feeling like there is still more to the game than just pugging and maybe having a chance of getting a totgc 10 group up and running i feel like doing something more stable. So here i'm applying to Last Effort.


Is there anyone you know in Last Effort who can recommend you?:
Confusion most likely. Dide 1 onyixa 10 man with sqz and a few other members, but i dont know how much they know about me.
Why do you want to join us?:
Mentioned it above in the raid expirience but i can say it again. I think there is more to than just pugging and maybe hoping to get some stuff done. So i see Last Effort as a strong raiding guild to get achivements and goals done. For example TotGC 25.
What can we expect to gain from you in our PvE-progress?:
Since my elemental shama is on talnivarr. Im applying as restoration on Motown which is on Stormscale. As an ingame player you will gain activity, helpfull insights to the game with information, support and my long time expirince to the game as a restoration shaman.


Computer Specification
Cpu : AMD 7750
MM : OCZ Gold 4gb ddr2
GPU : 9800gx2
Internet Connection: 20mb/5mb | Best private norwegian connection you can get sadly.
Do you have problems with your connection/computer?
No i dont.

My current project for the ones who understand computer parts :


Knowledge and theorycraft
Do you read theory about your class?
mmo-champion + elitstj + my own understanding to the class helps me keep it top notch.
How do you keep yourself up to date?
Playing 24/7 would be my answer.

Do you speak on ventrilo?:
Already spoken to some of you on ventrilo. I guess most of you know the answer to that.
Are you willing to discuss you application on ventrilo?:
Anytime, just message me in game or tell conf to ping me on msn.
Willing to bring pots and flasks to every raid?:
Flask of the frost wyrm and mana potions are indeed brought from me to raids.
Will you wipe on progress bosses without whining?:
Everyone whines when you wipe. But how you handle it is what counts. From my part i tend to help people improve on what they are doing wrong so that it does not happend again.

Link picture to UI:

I could insted link some movies i have frapsed:

First kill Northrend Beasts, First on server even : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMl3IAEBPtM
Mimiron 10m HM : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUp-33E8N-w
General 10m HM : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSz9RMfdwcA

Used to have so many frapsed videos but i formated and some got deleted from my youtube account.

Anything you want to add?:

I cant come up with any additional info apart from the questions been asked above.
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[Accepted] Orc Restoration Shaman
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